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Fukamushi Premium Sencha


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Product Description

Characteristics: Best blend of Precious Fujimidori & Okumidori with a deep umami flavour.

This tea is grown with special care. Tea field is covered for one week before harvest by sheets made from synthetic fibers to hinder their exposure to sunlight. Shading the field helps to increase amino acid which gives tea more umami and sweetness.

Shading: one week before harvest
Weight: 100g (33-34 servings)

Tea Types: Fujimidori & Okumidori
Farmer: Takaki Farm

How to brew this tea: Recipe for one cup

Tea leaves 3g (one heaped tea spoon), hot water 120ml, water temperature 60℃, brewing time 2mins. Please pour tea until the last drop into your cup . Then you’ll enjoy brewing for three times.

Additional Information

Weight0.15 kg
Tea Leaves

Fujimidori, Okumidori


Takaki Farm

Tea Variety


Net Weight

100 gram

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