Recent Tea Workshops and talk events

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Recent Tea Workshops and talk events

Since I became one of  the Japan Tea Goodwill ambassadors to the UK, I have introduced Japanese tea to various events, the summer party at the Japanese ambassador’s resident , Japanese tea master courses at Copthorne Tara Hotel and regular tea workshops at my home etc…

My recent talk event was held in a prestigious private tennis club in Surrey.  I talked about Japanese tea history, the varieties, the health effects and the brewing methods. Lovely attendants seemed to enjoy not only learning about Japanese tea but also tasting the various Japanese tea (Matcha Latte, Hojicha, Cold brew Gyokuro, Sencha and Matcha cake) .

Through my experiences, I’ve found out that  the unique taste of Japanese tea which describes as a grassy flavour might not be easily accepted among non Japanese, simply because they don’t get used to the taste. Japanese tea has a characteristic fresh aroma because of the unique processing which is steaming. So in this talk event, I served Matcha latte and Hojicha as a welcome drink, then cold brew Gyokuro to explore umami taste, then in the end, Sencha to try the grassy flavour. I’ve got a varieties of feedback  from attendants and majority said that Japanese tea is very different. The most popular among all was Matcha cake which I baked at home.

I guess when people tried Sushi or Wasabi for the first time in their life, they might have felt they are too exotic. But nowadays that exotic flavour has been widely accepted throughout the world.  I hope in the near future I’ll get more fans of this grassy flavour. So my challenge will be continued…

Enjoy your tea!




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