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Health Effects of Japanese tea

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Why Japanese tea is healthy? The answer is because they have plenty of Catechins in it. Catechins has so many health effects, like antimutagenic effects, lowering the level of bad cholesterol, preventing starch from being metabolised, having a sterilising effect on bacteria. But the main point is that Catechins are considered to be a powerful antioxidant, slow down the ageing process and prevent the formation of cancer cells. It was just around 100years ago that Masataro Miura discovered that Japanese tea contains plenty of vitamin C.

Since the catechins in tea protect Vitamin C it becomes strong against heat, and 5 small cups of green tea contains as much as 100g of lemon juice. Theanine shows anti-hypertensive effects and Caffeine helps to remove a fatigue and sleepiness.

Black tea has no Catechins because Catechins changed into Theaflavins in the process of oxidisation so black tea has Theaflavins, which helps blood flow improvement and has more flavonoids than green tea which has anti-viral bacterial action.

In Japan, green tea is used for skin care thanks to it’s anti- ageing effects.

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