Tea and sweets, the best combination

Japanese people started to have some nuts and fruits with Japanese green tea many years ago. They are called Ocha-uke. Ocha uke is taken for not only emphasising a tea flavour but also protecting your stomach from Catechin and Caffeine. If it is not an official tea ceremony, you can choose any kind of sweets for Ocha-uke. These are some examples of best combinations of tea and Ocha-uke (sweets).

  • Gyokuro + Nerikiri (unbaked cake made from white bean jam, rice cake and sugar…etc)
  • Sencha + Omanju (a bun with a bean jam filling)
  • Bancha + Waffle
  • Hojicha + Apple Pie
  • Cold Sencha + Green tea jelly

I enjoy Sencha accompanied with shortbread.