Delicious Matcha sweets

In 2016, it is a greadsc07137t news for me that some authentic Japanese Matcha cafes opened in London. Tombo in South Kensington and Tsujiri in SOHO offer superb Match sweets. Matcha is not only a super nutritious tea but also used for baking and very popular ingredients for baking in Japan. Matcha ice-cream, browny, cupcake, macaron, jelly are the popular selections.

Matcha is a fine powdered green tea and produced from Tencha. Tencha is grown with special care. Tencha tea fields are covered for about 25 days before harvest by straws or sheets made from synthetic fibres to hinder their exposure to sunlight. The effect of covering tea fields is to avoid chemical reaction that lowers the amount of amino acid and increase the amount of catechin. Matcha (produced from Tencha) has more amino acid which gives tea more umami and sweetness.  This umami flavour and full bodied fragrance help the sweets more delicious.

Matcha is a powered tea, so it’s easy to add in baking ingredients and also you can intake all the nutritions from Matcha. On the other hand, other green tea leaves are usually thrown away after brewing. This is my favourite recipe for Matcha white chocolate mini cake. Hope you enjoy baking, too.

*Matcha White chocolate Mini Cake*
Ingredients (24 small cup cakes)
200g Plain flour
1 tea spoon of baking powder
170g Unsalted Butter
160g Caster sugar
3 Large Eggs
3 table spoon of milk
5-10g Matcha
2-3 drops of Vanilla extract
40g White chocolate chips for baking
1. In advance, leave 170g butter in a room temperature until it becomes soft.
    Whisk the Butter until it is smooth like cream.
 (This is the important process to make a moisture cake. Please be patient!)
2.Add all the sugar into the butter cream and whisk until the colour of the mixtures is getting white and the mixtures become light.
(This is the important process to make a soft cake. It usually takes me 20mins. Please be patient.)
3. Add eggs one by one. Whisk the mixture with one egg very well and with another egg, mix well and with the last egg, you just need to mix roughly.
4. Mix Match and Milk very well until Matcha powder is dissolved
5. Add vanilla oil and mix lightly and put the sifted flour all at once. Try to mix gently until you can’t see the flour.
5. Add the milk and Matcha mixture and mix gently until you see the beautiful Matcha green colour.
6. Put the mixture in cupcake tin and sprinkle white chocolate chips on each cake.
7. Put in the oven (preheated fan oven 150℃) ,and bake for 5mins with 150℃ and lower temperature to 140℃ and bake for 20mins.
Hope you enjoy this cake with any type of Japanese green tea, Matcha, Gyokuro, Sencha, Hojicha, Genmaicha etc.