Minami Tea Farm

Minami Tea Farm is located in Eicho, Minamikyusyu-shi, Kagoshima, at the south western tip of the island of Kyushu in Japan. Kagoshima is the second largest producer of unprocessed tea after Shizuoka and famous for Fukamushi Sencha (deep steamed green tea).

Minami started farming tea  in 1990, and started growing the SAEMIDORI cultivar in 2000. Originally, they used to consume tea only within their families and friends but due to the demand, they started to sell to the public in 2012. They make Sencha Superb only from their first tea crop so the production is limited. Minami Sencha Superb won the prestigous C’est bon le Japon tea competition in 2017 and 2018 in France.

The owner of Minami Tea Farm, First-name Ibushi is focused on satisfying the EU Criteria on pesticide residue and succeeded in achieving and maintaining the EU standard.  Mai (First-name Ibushi’s daughter) is passionate to  introduce their family’s special tea all over the world.