The right Tea choice

The right tea for the right occasion. Which tea and when?

As you may already know, Japanese tea has many varieties  and each tea has it’s own effect.

Here is some advice as to which tea is suitable for situations.

  • Office work, Study … hotter Sencha …caffeine, refreshment, awakening effect, muscle stimulation
  • Before exercise…hotter Sencha( 20-30mins before)…caffeine, muscle stimulation
  • After having a fatty food…Hojicha… freshing your mouth and get rid of the oiliness
  • Relaxing time…Gyokuro …thenanine makes you feel relaxed
  • After every meal…Hojicha, Sencha…cavity protection
  • After drinking alcohol…hotter Sencha… caffeine, diuretic effect, alcoholic pick-me-up
  • If you are hungry… don’t drink Gyokuro or Matcha…to protect your stomach from catechin and caffeine
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding… Hojicha, Genmaicha…less caffeine
  • If you want to give tea to kids… Hojicha, Genmaicha…less caffeine

If you use hotter water, caffein will seep into tea more. If you use less hot water,  less catechin will seep into tea and you’ll taste more umami and sweetness. You’ll learn how to brew tea in this article.