Selections of Japanese tea

Varieties of Japanese Tea

Do you know that Green tea, Black tea and Oolong tea are grown from the same plant? All types of tea are grown from the plant called Camellia sinensis and the only  difference is how they are processed. Black tea is oxidised tea ,Oolong tea is half-oxidised tea and  Green tea is non-oxidised tea.

Here are the popular selections of Japanese Green tea

煎茶Sencha… Japanese green tea most drunk in Japan. Uses the first crop of tea leaves.  A great balance of sweetness  astringency and bitterness.

玉露Gyokuro…Grown in shade for the last 20days before harvest.  A lasting sweetness and umami. Drunk in a tiny cup.

抹茶Matcha…Fine powdered green tea. Grown in shade and ground. Umami and full bodied fragrance. Used for the Japanese tea ceremony. Also popular for baking ingredients.

ほうじ茶Houjicha…Roasted green tea. Using stem and grown leaves and which are roasted.

玄米茶Genmaicha… Bancha (using stem and grown leaves)  with roasted brown rice.

You’ll learn more about the right tea choice in this article.