Grown with Special Care

You might be surprised to know that Gyokuro and Matcha are more expensive than the other types of  Japanese green tea. There is a reason for this:

Gyokuro and Tencha( Matcha is a powered tea and produced from Tencha)  are grown with special care. Gyokuro tea fields are covered for about 20days before harvest by straw or sheets made from synthetic fibres to hinder their exposure to sunlight. ( Tencha is preferably covered for another 5days more.) The effect of covering tea fields is to avoid the chemical reaction that lowers the amount of amino acid and increases the amount of catechin. Amino acid gives tea more umami and sweetness and catechin gives tea astringency and bitterness.

Thanks to the shading effect, Gyokuro and Matcha (from Tencha) have more umami and sweetness.  Gyokuro is poured into a tiny cup and  drunk slowly. Matcha is brew by whisking and is enjoyed in a round bowl. I’m sure that Theanine of these teas will make you feel relaxed and enjoy a special tea time. Don’t forget to have sweets to accompany these teas to protect your stomach from catechin and caffeine.