Health benefits of Japanese tea

In 1211, Yosai, higher monk wrote a book about Japanese green tea. The book is called Kissa Yojoki and in this book, he explained Japanese green tea as a medicine for anti ageing and longer living life. It is clear that in China and Japan, Green tea was recognised as a medicine as well as the enjoyment. But actually, it was just around 30years ago, scientists started to prove the health effect on Japanese green tea. These are the main chemical compositions of Japanese green tea, the health effects of the each chemical compositions and content by percentage for one cup of tea.

Catechin ( 11-17% ), anti-oxidative activity, anti obesity effect, hypoglycemic activity, inhibition of bad cholesterol,  cavity protection

Cafeine (1.6-3.5%), fatigue recovery, awakening effect, diuretic effect

Thenanine ( 0.6-2%), relaxing effect

Vitamine C (0.3-0.5%), anti-oxidative activity, strengthen the immune system, fatigue recovery

Minerals (1-1.5%) fluorine, iron, potassium, calcium ,magnesium.  essential for your metabolism, cavity protection

Saponin (0.2%) insulin action, anti fatigue action, energy enhancing, thromboprophylaxis