About LoveOcha

Who I am And What I Do

Hi from Toshie

LoveOcha (Ocha means Tea in Japanese, so it means Love Tea) is a project to share my passion and knowledge about Japanese tea all over the world.

I was born and grew up in Japan and in 2010, I moved to UK with my husband.
I enjoyed to introduce Japanese cultures to people from all over the world, especially enjoyed serving a Japanese tea.

People asked me a lot of questions about Japanese tea, the health effect, the brewing tip etc, and it made me realise how little I knew myself  so I decided to take a Japanese tea instructor course which was provided by Nihoncha Instructor Association and I’ve got the certification as Japanese tea adviser in 2015.

When I was in Japan, I enjoyed Japanese tea at home, but didn’t know that how much more delicious if I brew it correctly , the interesting history, the health effects and the enormous efforts from tea farmers etc.

Now, I feel it’s my mission to introduce Japanese tea correctly all over the world.
It is not difficult to brew Japanese tea and you’ll find a lot of health benefits and most importantly, having a Japanese tea with your friends or family will bring you a lovely relaxing time.
Hope you enjoy to learn about Japanese tea and try this wonderful drink.

Enjoy your tea!

Japanese tea adviser

Japan Tea Goodwill Ambassador to the UK